Scansor chick

A classic Scansoriopteryxid

Scansoriopterygidae is an extinct family of maniraptorans theropod dinosaurs, known from only two genus. This theropods are very closely related to birds.

Scansoriopterygidae family's members lived in China, more exactly in Daohugou formation in Liaoning, during the Late Jurassic Period.


Scansoriopterygidae dinosaurs were very small, bipedal dinosaurs, the size of sparrows and pigeons. They had also a few quite amazing features, such as a unusually long third finger on the hand, beaks, and very short tails with very long feathers at the end of it.

It is considered that these theropods lived in the trees, eating larvas and insects, catching them with the help of the long finger.


  • ​Hepidexipteryx hui;
  • Scansoriopteryx heilmanni.
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