Megalosaurus bucklandii, the family type species

Megalosauridae is a family of primitve megalosaurid theropods, closely related to spinosaurids , including small to large forms. Megalosaurids lived in the Jurassic Period, being eliminated at the end of this era by more advanced theropods, like more advanced Ceratosaurs and Tyrannosaurs.

Megalosaurids were pretty basal theropods, as they had large skulls with a powerful bite, strong legs, and three-fingered hands.

Their fossils have been found on four continents: North and South America, Europe and Africa.

The largest of the Megalosaurids was Torvosaurus, but some estimates say that Edmarka was the biggest. More say that they where the same dinosaur.


  • Megalosauridae:
    • ​Eustreptospondylinae:
      • Eustreptospondylus oxoniensis;
      • Magnosaurus nethercombensis;
    • Megalosaurinae: