Gallimimus was an ornithomimid theropod from Asia. This dinosaur lived roughly 75-85 million years ago. It's been

Gallimimus bullatus

Name meaning:                               Rooster mimich

Area:                                                       Mongolia
Period:                                          Late Cretaceous
Diet:                  plants, and possibly meat and eggs
Lenght:                                             16-20ft (5-6m)
Height:                                                    8ft (2,5m)
Weight:                        500-700 pounds (230-430kg)

theorized that Gallimimus was an omnivore, eating both plants and meat, and perhaps eggs too. Gallimimus was possibly the fastest dinosaur, and one of the fastest land animals ever.

Description Edit

Gallimimus, like all ornithomimids , had a small head and long neck. It sported a bird-like beak as well. It's long, powerful legs and long tail gave it tremendous speed and balance. 


Gallimimus was a medium sized dinosaur, but the largest ornithomimid (although Deinocherius might be an ornithomimid). The smaller specimens are about 16 feet(5 meters) long and would have weighed just under 500 pounds, while the largest exceed 26 feet(8 meters) with a weight of 700 pounds. Most adults averaged about 20 feet(6 meters) and 600 pounds.
Galli Size

Size comparison


Speed estimates for Gallimimus vary, but all suggest it was extrmemely fast. The lowest are roughly 30-35 miles per hour. However, the fastest exceed 65 miles per hour, rivalling a cheetah, the fastest land animal alive today. Should the upper estimates prove true, then Gallimimus could possibly be the fastest land animal ever.
Gallimimus running

Gallimimus running


It's been theorized that Gallimimus and it's cousins were feathered. No feathers have ever been found, but other bird-like dinosaurs were feathered. Until more fossils are found, scientists can only speculate.

Feathered Gallimimus

Feathered Gallimimus


Gallimimus was probably an omnivore. Using it's speed, it would have been able to chase down insects and other small animals. However, plants and eggs were probably on the menu as well.

In Popular CultureEdit

Gallimimus has not been featured in many documentaries or movies. However, it did get some attention when it was shown in Jurassic Park . A herd was seen fleeing from an attacking Tyrannosaurus and one was killed.

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